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Version 3.3

Why Use SoftCom?

  • Non-Verbal Communications within your office
  • Spend less time away from your desk delivering messages
  • Improve phone message management and delivery
  • Get immediate help from other team members
  • Intra-Office Email System (Text Messages) with confirmation of receipt option
  • Monitor/View/Delete text messages that reside on other stations
  • Inbox login capabilities from any workstation
  • Automatic text message delete and/or mark as read options
  • Automatically maximize or minimize the program on your screen
  • Private message sending option
  • One click message sending
  • Utilize the "F" keys on your keyboard
  • Buttons can be modified to display the text of your choice
  • Optional sounds based on events or individual buttons
  • Quick View™ reduces the needed screen real estate
  • Can be integrated with your existing Practice Management Software
  • No external hardware is required
  • Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7